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Java comes with the whole bunch of classes that you'll be using to create graphical applications. There are two main groups of classes (libraries) that are used for creating windows in Java: AWT and Swing. AWT and Swing When Java was originally created, only AWT library was available for working with graphics. This library is a simple set of classes like Button, TextField, Label and others. Pretty soon, another and more advanced library called Swing was introduced. It also includes buttons, text fields, and other window controls. The names of the Swing components start with the letter J, for example JButton, JTextField, JLabel, and so on. Everything is a little better, faster, and more convenient in Swing, but you can use it only if you're sure that your programs will run on the computers with JVMs that support Swing classes. In this lesson we'll create a simple cal... (more)

Java Exceptions

Java Exceptions Lesson 4 Let's say a Java class reads a file with the customer's data. What's going to happen if someone deletes this file? Will the program crash with that scary multi-line error message, or will it stay alive displaying a user friendly message like this one: "Dear friend, for some reason I could not read the file customer.txt. Please make sure that the file exists"? In many programming languages, error processing depends on the skills of a programmer. Java forces software developers to include error processing code, otherwise the programs will not even compile.... (more)

Teaching Kids Programming: Even Younger Kids Can Learn Java

My solution to the problem? I've written my own e-book on it: Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents. Dave became my first kid student and this has helped me a lot to understand the mentality of the little people. This is what I've learned while working on this project: Most of the programming tasks require minimal knowledge of arithmetic and algebra skills. To start programming, a kid needs to understand what x = y+2 means. Another important concept to understand is an if statement.   Kids develop the abstract reasoning abilities by the fourth-fifth grade, and they... (more)

Yakov Fain's Java Blog: Peeking Into December 2006

Peeking into December of 2006 In a week 2005 will become history, and  I tried to visualize what will change in the  software development  a year from now. 1.    Enterprises will finally start using Java 5.  The sooner 5.1 version will be released the better. 2.    AJAX hype will calm down. AJAX is an interesting technology, and  will become one of many techniques used in  Web applications development. Nothing more. 3.    Fat clients will be more widely used in  distributed enterprise applications . Java still has a chance to be used in this area,  if someone will create an IDE wit... (more)

Do We Need Third-Party Flex Frameworks?

This started as a  Skype chat room conversation between my colleague Anatole Tartakovsky and myself, and I thought that it would be a good idea to invite more Flex developers to this discussion. Having said this, I’d like to make it clear that over my career, I’ve been developing frameworks and truly respect people who are capable of creating frameworks, and Anatole has huge experience in this area as well.  Here we’re just questioning the need to create frameworks not for a general-purpose language like Java, but for a domain-specific framework like Flex. This ... (more)