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Top Stories by Yakov Fain

I’m planning to run a limited number of lunch-and-learn sessions for the organization located in Manhattan (New York City). These sessions are free of charge. Just pick a session from this list and send an email at training@faratasystems.com to schedule. The workshops are not included in this offer. ... (more)

Migrating your apps from AngularJS to Angular

So you have an Angular JS in prod and you want to migrate it to the latest version of Angular. The first question to answer is why? While talking to our clients, I’ve heard the following answers: – We have a large app and it has issues with performance. – Our company is moving to Angular/TypeScript and we want all apps to use these technologies. – Since all new apps will be written in Angular, it’s going to become hard to support apps written with in two different languages and frameworks. The pool of developers who can/want write in AngularJS will be shrinking. Any of the above an... (more)

A Soviet programmer on open source software

Just read this article about the recent GitHub Open Source survey revealing that 93 percent of people reported being frustrated with “incomplete or confusing documentation”. While I definitely agree that good documentation is key to the adoption of any software, I’d like to go back in history and reflect on my rather long experience in the industry. Thirty years ago I lived in a country called USSR. I was a young programmer back then. Iron curtain. No Google. No StackSverflow. Can you believe this? The West was far ahead in creating both hardware and software. Up until the Gorba... (more)

My presentations and workshops in 2017

This is a list of presentations and workshops that Yakov Fain offers in 2017. If you’d like to invite Yakov to run any of these talks/workshops at your organization, please send an email at training@faratasystems.com. To get familiar with Yakov’s teaching style, watch his Youtube Java tutorial. Presentations Mastering TypeScript – 90 min In this presentation, you’ll learn how to write code in TypeScript, one of the most loved languages today.TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which allows you to be more productive in writing JavaScript applications. Per StackOverflow develop... (more)

Java Basics: Lesson 11, Java Packages and Imports (Live Video Education)

Watch Yakov Fain Delivering This Class Live Java comes with thousands of classes that are organized in packages (similar to files and directories on you disk). Some packages include classes responsible for drawing, while other have classes for the Internet access, and so on. For example the class String is located in the package called java.lang, and the fully qualified name of this class is java.lang.String. The Java compiler only knows where to find classes that are located in the package java.lang, but there are many other packages with useful classes, and it's your responsibil... (more)