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Here’s a simple Java program that I wrote to test Swing GUI in Java 8 (I use JDK 1.8.0_05-b13):   import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JButton; public class HelloWorld extends JFrame { public static void main(String[] args) { JFrame myWindow = new HelloWorld(); // Creating and adding a button the the container JButton myButton = new JButton (“Click me”); myWindow.add(myButton); myWindow.setSize(200,300); myWindow.setTitle(“Hello World”); myWindow.setVisible(true); } } The program renders fine on MAC OS: But this is what I get on Windows 7 Ultimate with JDK 1.8.0_05-b13: In JDK 1.7 under Windows it works fine: I’ve asked some people to try the same code with the same version of Java and they don’t see this issue. The only other reason I  can think of is that I’m connecting to the Windows VM remotely using Remote Desktop Connection from MAC OS. There’s is a chan... (more)

Be all you can be. Facebook.

If there is one thing I hate about the Internet it’s the damaging effect that social networks like Facebook have on people’s minds.  Some of the younger minds are getting complete out of touch with the real world. They create their image to be seen online as super heros, bad boys, or even criminals. While in the real life, they could be  vulnerable teenagers or young adults  suffering from fear, anxieties, and lacking communication skills. But even 30-year old are losing their minds when get connected. Yesterday I’ve heard the news on the radio, which is a good example of how fa... (more)

Closures in Java with Lambdas

While working on the second edition for my Java 24-hour Trainer book I’m re-writing some of the code samples to use lambda expressions. Today I was re-writing an example for wait/notify for the chapter on multi-threading. Beside illustrating the wait/notify, I used a closure in this example. Since Java closures are not well presented in the blogosphere, I decided to write a quick blog on the subject. My goal was to write a program that starts a thread and waits for the notification from that thread until its execution is completed. When the main thread receives the notification ... (more)

Back From Ukraine

Last week I was participating in JEEConf – a Java conference in Kiev, Ukraine. It was the fourth annual conference attended by 700 people despite of the unrest on some of the Ukrainian regions. Kiev was quiet, peaceful and nice looking though. A day before the conference I’ve delivered a presentation at the National Technical University of Ukraine (aka KPI). Only about a hundred of 50 thousands NTUU students were interested to learn about the new features of Java 8. No hard feelings guys. Let’s make it two hundred next year. :-) The next morning I’ve delivered the same presentati... (more)

Working on the Java Tutorial, Second Edition

In 2011 Wiley (Wrox) published my book “Java Programming. 24-Hour Trainer“. To be honest, I don’t like the title because it misleads people as if this book promises that the reader can learn Java within 24 hours. But creators of this series (many titles were published under this umbrella) meant to say that this book was like your personal instructor; 24 hours a day. Whatever. It’s not my call. But earlier this year I got a call from the publisher stating that they’re happy with the book sale numbers and want me to update the book and release the second edition reflecting the lat... (more)